Measure Your Finger Perfectly

There are 3 steps to find out your engagement ring size. If you do 3 steps, this method is guaranteed to be right and fits on your finger. Provided it is done properly and carefully. You can also do it in one of the ways below. But it's better if you do it at least in 2 ways from the 3 steps below. What are the ways to measure our engagement ring size?



Most buyers of wedding rings or engagement rings do not yet have a special measuring instrument. Don't worry, we will give you the right and correct way to find out the right size of ring for your finger. That is by using a piece of paper and a line. But this method must be done carefully and carefully, not to be exaggerated or reduced, because it will result in a fatal miscalculation.

Adjust the results with the table above


Prepare a piece of paper and then circle it around the finger you want to attach the ring to like in the picture above.


If already marked.Prepare a line and measure from the end of the paper to the dot. Look carefully and correctly between the units of centimeters and millimeters. then record the results. Remember 1 CM (Centimeters) equals 10 MM (Millimeters). Like the picture above.


For example:

If the circumference is 56MM / 5.6CM, then we match the table above to Size 14. Incidentally, the size of the image above fits at 6CM, it matches the table to size 18.


Measuring the Ring You Already Have


This method is very precise because it is directly with the benchmark ring. If you have a ring better use this method. The above method or the number one way to find out the circumference of your finger. But if this is looking for the diameter of your ring size.

How to? Just measure with a line. Like the picture above, then record the size properly and correctly. 1 Cm = 10 Mm




It is undeniable that by using a ring measuring instrument or finger measuring device, the results will always be precise and fitting. With the method or picture above.

Then from the 3 steps, match the table above. Then you will get the ring size in the table (SIZE). Example of the circumference of my finger using paper and a line (54 mm) Then the size of the finger (Ring 12).

If you are in doubt or afraid of the wrong size, just contact us by contact us!