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By using our websites https://nikaylajewelry.com personal data might be collected and processed. NIKAYLA JEWELRY is committed to being open and transparent regarding how we collect, use and protect personal data of our customers, business partners and other individuals. Personal data is information about an identified individual or who is reasonably identifiable by such personal data. In this privacy statement we explain to you how we operate, for example, we indicate what kind of personal data is processed by us and for what purpose.

We are highly dedicated to protect the privacy and personal data of all our customers, business partners and other visitors to our website. All personal data is therefore carefully stored, processed and protected.


Sompok, Sriharjo, Imogiri, Bantul 55782

Customer Care contact details:
Phone number: +62 822 9466 0004

Email: support@nikaylajewelry


When using our website, you share with us certain information or leave certain information behind. For example, this might be the case when placing an order, when you subscribe to a newsletter or when you indicate that you wish to receive information regarding NIKAYLA JEWELRY.


The personal data we might collect and process from our website are:

  • Your name, date of birth, gender, email and (billing and shipping) address of individuals;
  • Company name, chamber of commerce file number and VAT number, if relevant;
  • Payment information;
  • Your (mobile) telephone number;
  • Which product(s) you ordered;
  • Your correspondence with NIKAYLA JEWELRY, if any;
  • Behavior data (online movement, use of the internet and the length of your session); and
  • IP addresses and time stamps.

We may use this personal date for the following purposes:

  • to properly process and fulfill any orders placed assessment and acceptance of our business partners;
  • to analyze and/or improve the quality and quantity of information our products, (customer) services and websites;
  • to fine tune our correspondence (amongst others) with regards to deliveries and refunds;
  • to send information, offers and promotions based on your interest and click and surf behavior;
  • to answer questions asked through, for example, the website;
  • to provide news and information regarding NIKAYLA, new products and services;
  • to be able to provide the customer with a personal account on our website;
  • to allow you to connect with our social media accounts;
  • research on the level of satisfaction of the customers, business partners or others; and
  • internal analysis for (consumer) research purposes.

We may analyze your personal information to create a profile of your interests and preferences so that we can tailor and target our communications in a way that is timely and relevant to you. We may make use of additional information about you when it is available from external sources to help us do this effectively. This allows us to be more focused, efficient and cost effective with our resources and also reduces the risk of someone receiving information they may find inappropriate or irrelevant. For this purpose, we process your personal data based on our legitimate interests.

We may also use data about how you use our website to prevent or detect fraud, abuse, and illegal uses and to comply with court orders, governmental requests or applicable law.



We shall store and process your personal data for as long as we believe would be necessary to fulfil the purposes for which we collected such personal data. Nevertheless, we shall not retain your personal data for a period exceeding five years, unless applicable law requires otherwise, this does not consider (anonymous) information in relation to statistic purposes.


Your personal data may be transferred within the NIKAYLA JEWELRY group and shared with companies working under the brand NIKAYLA JEWELRY. Such information may be exchanged for us to have a complete overview of your information within the whole NIKAYLA JEWELRY group and for administrative purposes.

We might share your personal data with the following third party service providers: (i) media agencies and technical suppliers for distribution of physical and digital direct marketing and NIKAYLA JEWELRY product promotions, (ii) companies to validate your address, communication agencies to send you order confirmation, warehouse and distribution suppliers in connection with the delivery of your order, payment service providers for your payment, (iii) credit reference agencies for identity and credit checks and debt collection agencies, which does not apply to consumers (iv) research and analysis agencies for our internal data analysis purposes.


We use the IP address of your computer. This IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer during a browsing session. The IP address of your computer can be used to see how websites are used and for the preparation of analyzes.


As indicated in the cookie banner on our website, NIKAYLA JEWELRY makes use of various types of cookies on our website. In this section we explain what kinds of cookies these are, what they are used for and how you can adjust your browser settings to accept or refuse cookies. Accepting cookies is not a condition for visiting our website.

According to law, you have to give permission for the use of cookies. This cookie policy explains which cookies these are. You can accept our cookies in two ways: by closing the cookie notification you see on your first visit, or simply by continuing on our website.

You continue on our website (and thus agree to the placement of all cookies) by clicking on any part of the NIKAYLA JEWELRY web pages (except for opening this cookie policy) or by browsing other pages on the NIKAYLA JEWELRY website.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer during a visit to a website. Information is saved in this text file. This information can be read by the website or by third parties on a later visit. Some of the cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. Other cookies are used to increase the user-friendliness of the site for visitors or to show targeted advertisements on, for example, our social media channels. A JavaScript is a program that is placed on the user's peripheral devices and executed by them. The execution of this program allows NIKAYLA JEWELRY to establish the location of the visitor and which actions they perform. This gives NIKAYLA JEWELRY greater insight into the behavior of its visitors.

Deleting or disabling cookies
You can disable JavaScript and cookies. However, you should take into account that our website will then not function optimally. Methods for disabling or deleting cookies are listed here:

Which types of cookies does NIKAYLA JEWELRY use, and what for?

The cookies used by NIKAYLA JEWELRY can be divided into different categories:

Functional cookies
This category of cookies is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the website. They ensure, for example, that information from one page is carried over to the next. This means you don't have to repeatedly fill in the same information. These cookies also ensure that certain preferences that you've indicated for the use of the website (such as language settings) are retained. Your prior consent is not required for the use of these cookies.

Analytical cookies
These cookies are necessary to align our website as well as possible with the wishes of our users, by determining how our visitors use our website. We use Google Analytics to keeps track of where you click on our sites. This means we can optimize these pages to display the most relevant information in the best places. With Google Analytics, we measure the way you use our website and how you found us. For more details about the cookies that these parties place and the data that can be collected with them, we refer below to the statements by these parties. Your consent is not required for the use of these cookies.

Marketing cookies
With Google Analytics, Adwords, YouTube and Adroll cookies, we measure how you use the NIKAYLA JEWELRY website. We use this information to help you choose the product that suits you the best and to show you offers for products you may be interested in during remarketing campaigns. We use Facebook & Instagram cookies to see which products you view. This enables us to show you relevant advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

For more details about the cookies that these parties place and the data that can be collected with them, we refer below to the statements by these parties. Your consent is required for the use of these cookies: Google, Facebook & Instagram and Adroll.

Social Media (plugin) cookies
You can share the content on our website with social media parties by using buttons. For more details about the cookies that these social media parties place when you click on the buttons, we refer to the statements of these parties. Your consent is required for the use of these cookies: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Changes to the cookie policy
From time to time, we may make changes to this cookie policy without notifying you, for example because the website or the cookie regulations have changed. Changes will take effect immediately after these have been published on the website. We therefore advise you to consult our cookie policy regularly in order to remain informed about any changes and, if desired, to change the settings. By continuing to use this website, you agree to any changes to the cookie policy.

Stop cookies?
If you do not want us to use cookies then you can easily stop them. Also, you are able to turn on your notifications to become aware of when cookies are used. For this, you will have to adopt the appropriate settings on your browser.


You are entitled to be obtain free-of-charge information concerning data stored about your person and, as the case may be, to correct, restrict the processing, enable the portability of, or delete those data. If you have any questions about how we collect, process or use your personal data, want to enquire about, correct, block or delete your data, or withdraw any consents you have given, or opt-out of any particular data use, please send an email to us by using the email address stated under 'Contact Details'.

You may also submit a complaint to the responsible data protection supervisory authority, if you believe that we have not respected your rights.


E-mail advertising if you do not subscribe to the newsletter and your right to opt out.

If we receive your e-mail address in connection with the sale of a product or service and you have not opted out, we reserve the right to regularly email you offers for products from our product range that are similar to those you have already purchased. This serves the protection of our legitimate interests in promoting and advertising our products to customers that are overriding in the process of balancing of interests.

You can opt out of this use of your email address at any time by sending a message to the contact option specified below or by using the opt-out link in the advertising email, without incurring any costs beyond the cost of transfer calculated at the base rates.

E-mail advertising if you subscribe to the newsletter.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will regularly send you our e-mail newsletter based on your consent, using the data required or disclosed by you separately for this purpose.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletter service at any time. For this purpose, you can either send a message to the contact option specified below or use the opt-out link in the newsletter. Upon unsubscription, we will delete your email address unless you have expressly consented to the further use of your data or we reserve the right to further use your personal data in the scope and manner permitted by the law, of which we inform you in this notice.


We will send you information about NIKAYLA JEWELRY, our products that are the same or similar to those that you have ordered from us and/or other information of which we believe that you will find useful. If you no longer wish to receive any information about NIKAYLA JEWELRY, you can at any time follow the unsubscribe instructions included in each marketing email that you receive from NIKAYLA JEWELRY.


We use a variety of security measures, including encryption for account passwords and authentication tools, to maintain the safety of your personal data. Your personal data is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems.

The personal data of customers we collect or generate and process in the context of our website will be stored in the Netherlands and may be further stored for process purposes in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


We will be happy to assist you with any complaints which you may have about the processing of your personal data. However, please note that you also have the right to file a complaint with the Data PROTECTION Authority if you believe that we do not comply with applicable privacy law.


The type of personal data that we need and the purposes we need such personal data for may change over time. Therefore, we reserve the right to amend our privacy statement at any time. The most up-to-date version of this privacy statement is published on our website and will apply upon publication on our website.

If you have any further questions about our privacy statement, please contact us by using the information stated above under ‘Contact Details’.


You should bear in mind that submission of information over the internet is never entirely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of information whilst it is in transit over the internet and any such submission is at your own risk. All we can do is use all our reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal data and ensure that we maintain a reliable and safe environment to use your personal data. It is advisable to close your browser when you have finished your user session to help ensure others do not access your personal data if you use a shared computer or a computer in a public place.

We collect basic personal information about our customers when an order is placed . this information is securely stored and is necessary to carry out delivery and to contact you as a customer if a problem should arise , or for important news such as new product launches . we will never disclose any such information to third parties.

Your order confirmation is sent to your email address directly when your order is placed . if you have not received a confirmation , please contact our customer service.


1. REPAIR warranty for ring shape
2. RESIZE WARRANTY if the wrong size
3. REPAIR guarantee if the gem is loose
6. BUY BACK GUARANTEE (rings can be resold with certain materials)

#You must video record when unboxing the package. If there is an unexpected error, so that the warranty claim can be processed completely. But if there are only minor errors it can be fixed and do not need to be videotaped. The goal is that there is no element of accusation. 

The ring repair process will take a long time. Estimated process is about 2 - 4 weeks. And it can also exceed the estimated time due to the queue process.

When applying for a warranty there will be a certain fee, which will be explained in writing when the ring is ready to ship.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Nikayla Jewelry always wants to give the best to increase your comfort and trust when shopping at Nikayla Jewelry.
Therefore, now we present a special promo for you, namely:

Buy Diamond Jewelry & Gold Jewelry Nikayla Jewelry and get a money back guarantee within 7 days for the jewelery

Choose the jewelery of your dreams at Nikayla Jewelry and enjoy this lucrative offer right now.

#You must video record when unboxing the package.

What is the 7 Days Money Back Guarantee Promo?

We are happy to give you an additional 7 days to ensure that the jewelry purchased matches your finger size according to the T & Cs.

How to Get This 10 Day Money Back Guarantee Promo?

Choose one of our Diamond Jewelry and Gold Jewelry collections, then complete the order process
This promo is only valid for payment processing via debit card and cash transfer. Promo does not apply to payments via credit card and installments.
You have 7 days, starting from the time you received the product, to return the product that was purchased.
Please save your order number and shipping receipt number. Our customer support team will ask you to include your order number and shipping receipt number during the product return process.
For those of you who choose the NIKAYLA JEWELRY delivery method, we will give you a receipt when you receive the product. Please include your receipt and order number when you return the product.
If we have received your order number, you can send the product you want to return to us. You are fully responsible for shipping costs and product insurance. You can also return the product directly to the Nikayla Jewelry office
7. Products must be returned in a complete condition as received (with box, invoice and so on)
We will inform you when we receive the product. It will take 1 to 2 working days to check the condition of the product
If the returned product meets the terms of this promo, we will immediately process your full refund. The refund process will take 2 – 3 working days
For products purchased using a credit card, a 5% charge will be charged
However, if the product returned does not meet the requirements (see Product Returns Policy). This policy will ultimately be determined by Nikayla and cannot be contested, we will send a written explanation to you. You will not get a refund and we will send the product back to you



Please send the product to:

Nikayla Jewelry
Sompok, Sriharjo, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta. 55782 | +6282294660004

NIKAYLA JEWELRY offers international shipment for order value on all our products to buyers to the 64 countries that can be selected when choosing the shipping address.

The buyer bears the responsibility for the correct input of the delivery address; in case anything goes wrong with the shipment of an order due to an error in the delivery address made by the buyer, NIKAYLA JEWELRY cannot be held responsible for the (partial) loss of the shipment. In case NIKAYLA JEWELRY needs additional information regarding a delivery address, the buyer may be approached by NIKAYLA JEWELRY in order to provide additional information. A delay in the delivery may occur in case additional information regarding the delivery address is needed.

NIKAYLA JEWELRY will use all reasonable efforts to deliver the order within the expected delivery terms to the delivery address.

If delivery suffers a delay, or if the delivery cannot be implemented, or only partially, the buyer will be informed about this as soon as reasonably possible after the order has been placed. In this case, the buyer has a right to dissolve the contract free of charge.

The risk of damage and/or loss of products rests upon NIKAYLA JEWELRY up to the moment of delivery to the delivery address, unless this has explicitly been agreed otherwise.

In case the buyer receives a product that the buyer did not order, the buyer must inform NIKAYLA JEWELRY hereof as soon as possible (within 24 hours after receiving the order) by email (or through the contact page of the Website). The buyer will take care of the return shipment of such a product after receiving return instructions from NIKAYLA JEWELRY and NIKAYLA JEWELRY will bear the costs of this shipment and will subsequently take care of the shipment of the correct product to the buyer, provided the buyer has fully conformed with the return instructions from NIKAYLA JEWELRY.

In case a product has been delivered to the buyer in damaged or incomplete state, the buyer must inform the NIKAYLA JEWELRY customer care team as soon as possible (within 24 hours after receiving the order) through the website service www.nikaylajewelry.com Subsequently, NIKAYLA JEWELRY will decide how to deal with the matter at hand; the customer must always inform NIKAYLA JEWELRY in the aforementioned situation(s) and wait for the instructions of the NIKAYLA JEWELRY customer care team. A customer who returns a product in this situation at his own costs, without first contacting and awaiting the instructions of the customer care team, cannot claim the costs he/she made at NIKAYLA JEWELRY (nor hold NIKAYLA JEWELRY responsible for the return shipment that took place without prior consent of NIKAYLA JEWELRY).

In case the order that has been shipped or is being shipped by NIKAYLA JEWELRY to the buyer, is missing, went missing, or in case the buyer claims that he/she did not receive the order (despite information such as the track & trace data / carrier information, indicating otherwise), the complaint procedure of the carrier will be started and the outcome of this procedure will be awaited, before any refund or re-shipment shall take place. The buyer will fully cooperate with the complaint procedure of the carrier. In case of a shipment that went missing as the result of an error by the carrier (and after the complaint procedure of the carrier has been completed), NIKAYLA JEWELRY will either refund the customer or NIKAYLA JEWELRY will try to re-ship the ordered product.

In case a shipment still has not been delivered at the delivery address of the buyer (or the pickup point) 14 days after the shipment date the buyer has the obligation to inform the NIKAYLA JEWELRY customer care team by email within 14 days (so: ultimately 28 days after the shipment date).


The delivery time depends on the country, as well as the location. An order that is shipped to a rural location may take longer than an order that is shipped to big City (which is easier to hub). The expected delivery time in business days, as mentioned in the advertisement of the product, differs per shipping country. In the tracking info, that you receive as soon as the parcel will leave the NIKAYLA JEWELRY warehouse, an indicated delivery time is shown.



As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the track and trace data. The expected delivery time, as shown in the advertisement, is mentioned in 'working days', which means that weekends and national holidays should not be taken into account.



NIKAYLA JEWELRY offers international shipment for order value on all our products to buyers to the 64 countries that can be selected when choosing the shipping address.

Please note: for orders shipped to an address for certain country, the buyer may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied when the shipment reaches the specified delivery address. The buyer will be responsible for payment of such import duties and taxes. It should be noted that NIKAYLA JEWELRY has no control over these charges and, since these charges are different for different countries, NIKAYLA JEWELRY cannot predict their amount. NIKAYLA JEWELRY advises the buyer to contact the local customs office for further information.



NIKAYLA JEWELRY offers international shipment for order value on all our products to buyers to the 64 countries that can be selected when choosing the shipping address.